A Danish Gem: Vexebo Vin

It's been a few years that there is really a massive influence coming out of Scandinavian cuisine, from the world’s best restaurants in Copenhagen like Geranium, Noma, Relæ, Kadeau, etc. The food is highly acclaimed for its freshness and the meticulous attention to details is outstanding.  

And then there’s this wine - a pioneer in uncompromising production of organic wines which is mostly consumed locally within Denmark and sold to all the high end restaurants mentioned above. Its name is Vexebo Vin, established by Daniel Milan in 2007.

Linn Johnsen, a wine blogger, had written a very detailed coverage about the wine. According to her, the story of Vexebo Vin began when the Milan family purchased 10 hectares of land a little north to Copenhagen. The son Daniel, a Fine-Art Master graduate who has great interest in food and wine, decided one day to make wines on 1 hectare as organic culture and to produce something for the new Nordic cuisine.


Initially, the goal was to be organic, but soon Daniel went up a notch, switching to indigenous yeast for fermentation without any use of sulfur or addition of sugar. In the vineyards, there are mainly four grapes cultivated including Solaris, a grape variety created by a crossing that gives perfumed and fruity notes to the wines with medium acidity.  

A must try!


(photo: Vexebo Vin)